About us

Comma The  official dealer of Metalglas Bonomi / Since 1925 is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer and distributor of glass hardware factories in Brescia, near Milan, with more than 2000 product types in its range of products. Fittings for building glass (interior and exterior).
comma Company was established in the year 2010 with the aim of meeting the needs of the community of engineers and the building industry in the field of glass fittings and specialized engineering staff. Due to the variety of products of Metalglas Company, the design team has been able to design and implement ideas with suitable ideas for implementation of residential, office and commercial projects, and provide the views of proprietors and respectable employers.
Considering the use of glass material in the building and the amount of fittings and parts of a wide variety and high quality, the company has brought together a wide range of leading brands to meet the needs of designers and engineers in this field.
The company is also able to produce custom products in accordance with the needs of the project and

The main activities of the company include the following for use in commercial and store units, residential buildings, hotels and resorts, offices and modern office locations, airports and terminals:

  • Glass doors (shop, office and residential)
  • Glass  balustrade
  • Glass  Partitions
  • Glass showcase system
  • Glass Shower Box
  • Glass Facade